With the continuous development of LED technology, LED pixel strips are becoming more and more popular as a colorful and eye-catching lighting decoration. When we get an LED pixel strips and face the four lines in it, we can’t help but wonder, what function does each line represent?
LED Strip Light manufacturers from China have reliable products. In addition to producing LED pixel strips, they usually also produce corresponding power supplies, dimmers, aluminum materials and other accessories. Therefore, when purchasing related products from LED Strip Light Wholesale, you need to understand the strip lights. Or the origin of LED pixel strips, you also need to know the scale, service and reputation of the manufacturer in order to get better after-sales service

1. Red wire (R): positive pole of power supply The first wire of LED pixel strips is usually red, which represents the positive terminal of the power supply. Connecting this wire to the positive terminal of the power supply is the first step to lighting up the entire strip. The red wire is responsible for providing the electrical energy required by the strip light and providing basic support for the entire lighting process.
2. Green wire (G): green LED positive pole The second wire is green and connects to the positive terminal of the green LED light on the LED pixel strips. By controlling the current of this wire, we can adjust the brightness of the green light and realize the green change of the color of the strip light.
3. Blue wire (B): blue LED positive electrode The blue wire is the third wire and connects to the positive terminal of the blue LED light on the LED pixel strips. Similar to the green wire, by controlling the current of this wire, the brightness of the blue light can be adjusted to achieve blue changes. By adjusting the brightness of red, green, and blue colors, we can synthesize a variety of colorful light effects.
4. Black wire or white wire (- or GND): ground wire The last wire, usually black or white, is the ground wire and connects to the negative terminal of the power supply. The function of the ground wire is to provide closure of the current loop and ensure that the current can flow normally. In this way, through the combination of red, green and blue colors, various changing and colorful effects of LED pixel strips can be presented.
When installing and using LED pixel strips, it is very important to connect these four wires correctly. Usually, manufacturers will clearly indicate the function and connection method of each wire in the instructions provided with the product. Users must read the instructions carefully when using it to ensure correct connections to avoid damaging the equipment and to better enjoy this dazzling lighting decoration. Therefore, let us feel the charm of technology in the light and shadow of LED pixel strips and create our own colorful space.

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